Why you need a local building inspector

Buying a house can be a scary time. Its a large amount of money and you don’t want to make a mistake and buy a lemon.

That’s where a building and pest inspection can help. It will identify any problems the property has before you take the leap.

And a local inspector is your best bet. Why? Because they understand houses in your area as they are inspecting them often.

And that’s worth its weight in gold!

Here’s an example. I live in the inner west of Sydney. The inner west has many older homes, mostly built between 1900 and 1930 and almost all double brick construction.

These homes have particular problems that are common, i see them often. I call them “old house problems”. Things like rising damp and wall cracking, mostly caused by sub standard building practices and materials of the era.

I know exactly what to look for and i know the cause of these problems, straight away. 

I can tell the buyer in detail the issues they’re facing buying these old homes so they know what they’re up for.

Now this could apply to suburbs with newer houses on slabs, or areas with lots of apartments, asbestos fibro houses of the 60s….whatever. Similar houses have similar problems. Your local building inspector is an expert in your local properties.


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